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Simple Steps for just ₦2,000 ~ King Ezekiel

Amazon KDP, Youtube Monetization, and Video Editing Monetization Courses for a giveaway price!

I took a while to think about giving out my secrets for a giveaway price but I believe it’ll help a lot of people, SO HERE IT IS!

Simple Steps for just ₦2,000

Watch This:

– Create YouTube Channel
– How To Upload Videos On YouTube
– How To Get Your Channel Monetized
– Get your account Monetized in less than a month

– How To Design Book Covers Pt 1
⁃ How To Design Book Covers Pt 2
– How To Set Up Amazon Kdp Account
– How To Create, and Sell High Selling Books

– Product Video creation
– Advertisement video creation
– Mobile App Ad VIDEO Creation

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Amazon KDP, Youtube Monetization, and Video Editing Monetization Courses for a giveaway price!

Simple Steps for just ₦2,000


  1. People looking for a side hustle/passive income
  2. Housewives looking to generate income from home.
  3. Freelancers seeking additional revenue streams.
  4. Aspiring YouTubers eager to start earning from their content.
  5. Stay-at-home parents wanting to contribute financially while caring for their family.
  6. College students looking for a flexible part-time job.
  7. Content creators wanting to boost their YouTube earnings.
  8. Entrepreneurs seeking to monetize their expertise through video content.
  9. Small business owners looking to expand their online presence and income.
  10. Digital marketers interested in leveraging YouTube for advertising revenue.
  11. Creatives (artists, musicians, writers) aiming to monetize their talent and creations on YouTube.
  12. Retirees looking for a fun and profitable retirement hobby.
  13. Social media enthusiasts interested in diversifying their income streams.
  14. Anyone passionate about a niche topic and eager to share their knowledge.
  15. Career changers exploring opportunities in the online video industry.
  16. Individuals with a side hustle mindset seeking additional income.

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